By Syed Waris Shah

Released: September 17, 2018

Heer populary known as ‘Her Waris Shah’ is probably the best Sufiana Kala, of Waris Shah. The great poet who was born in possibly 1712 AD and lived till 1799 AD.The famous poetry was written in 1766 AD.Heer had been written earlier by Demodar Das, Hafiz Shah Jahan Muqabil and Ahmed Gujjar. Waris Set to wite a new version of Heer. His verses are meticulous having undergone verisions and editions by Waris Shah himself.

We tries to look for ‘Heer’ in its complete form and surprisingly we found that it was available only as a book recitation were sketchy and in variety of verses. It was sad that such a treasure was treated so shabilly. Hence, we decided to attempt the most ardous first and thus Heer Waris Shah was chosaen as our ‘first job towards building a folk music collection.

Spresd over ‘800 Bands (verses) of various lengths, it was assessed to take about 50 hours of recitation longest we came across before we started was between 3 to 5 hours. Our dicision was thus to get the entire heer recited. We wanted the generation today to heer (audio) and see (video) as to what the great Punjabi poet has left behind for all Punjabis to enjoy.

We do understand that people have limited time to devote to Sufiana Kalam and Sufi poetry. The audio/video version will help them understand and possibly also generate interest in the beautiful poetry. Subtitles shall help those ‘not’ so good in the Punjabi language to understand the great works better. The audience realise that Waris Shah was much renowned and high in status than Shakespeare.

What ever has been done, is an attempt in appreciation of the work of the great poet, Syed Waris Shah. It is also aproof to those who listen to his works that given the right propagation media, Waris Shah stands heads and shoulders above contemporary poets including those of other countries and continents.

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