This part is about the progress of the love of Heer and Ranjha. Kaindo Heers uncle, who was suspicious of the affair of Heer and Ranjha disguised himself as a beggar and begged Ranjha for choori (sweet that Heer made for him) in the park where Heer and Ranjha used to meet everyday. Heer, meanwhile had gone to the stream to get water for Ranjha. Ranjha gave Kaido all the took it and quickly walked away. After coming back from the stream, Heer came to know about all this and realized that it was Kaido who was came as the beggar, She decided to rush and catch him and managed to get the pot of acoori back. Kaido however, still complained to chuchak, Heers father, and her mother and warned them about the love affair but both of them did not believe him and scorned him. Meanwhile Heer and her friends also complained of Kaidos intrusion and high handedness and thus win the sympathy of Heer s parents. Kaido hence is ridiculed.

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