This episode narrates the state of Ranjha, who after leaving his flute and personality becomes a student at Tilla Jogian, with the aspiration to become a Jogi. Ranjha tolerated all the inconvenience that came along and was told by the Guru to suppress his personality and abide the teachings of the Alams and Sufis and put his trust in God only. Ranjha knew that he was on a different path and that only a few people manage to continue on this path and reach the end. The training was tough for Ranjha, who repeatedly told to shun all connections with the world and tolerate the ridicule and taunts of the people. During this time, Ranjha developed an ability to hide his thoughts as he was told to keep these in a pensive state. Ranjhas training progressed over time as he learned patience, and values such as to shun backbiting, living with love with others around him and supporting the poor. As time passed, news about Ranjha becoming a Jogi spread quickly around the place. The lessons of the Guru were like a process of purification of Gold for Ranjha. However, when Ranjha was told abide by one of the requirement of becoming a Jogi, i.e. to stay away from women, he becase uneasy. Ranjha was told by the Gurus to kill the devil of attraction towards women just as one kills the Cobra. He was told to take elderly women as mothers and the younger ones as his sisters, thus guiding him to have complete control over his sexual instincts. Ranjha could not take it any further and thus he told the Gurus that this was not he came for to Tilla Jogian. He explained to the Gurus that he was overcome by Heers love, which he wanted to pursue. He said that he wanted to have a link with the God to help him get Heer back, otherwise he would have gone to the devil. Ranjha told the Gurus that if he had known about the requirement to stay away from women, he would have never come to them and neither would he get his ears pierced. Ranjha acclaimed in front of the Gurus that like any other Jutt (cast), he was full of deceit and would take the name of God to achieve his purpose and aims. He expressed that he had learned enough to pursue Heer and thereafter sought permission to leave from Tilla Jogian. Despite persuasion from his fellow students, Ranjha explained to them that he enjoyed his youth with Heer and desired to spend the rest of his life with her. He also asked the Gurus for blessings, offered Fatiah (prayer) at the shrine and the Gurus bid him farewell with a smile and wished him success for getting heer back in his life.

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