Having been permitted and blessed by the Gurus and being told that he possesses all the basics of being a Guru, Ranjha sets out wandering from village to village, dressed like a Jogi. However, others around him had a candid opinion that Ranjha belonged to a good family and had become a Jogi himself. Ranjha continues his journey singing and weeping and soon reached where the Kheras aboded. Having reached there, Ranjha was surprised to know that the locals knew about him and his background. Ranjha, too was determined to persue his aims and let his determination become known to all. The locals begged Ranjha and warned him that the Kheras would kill him but Ranjha stood firm and said that he was intoxicated with Heers love and hence is determined to proceed ahead. He said that he had the wisdom of a Jogi and possessed the venom of a snake. The locals asked Ranjha as to why he had allowed Heers marriage to happen in the first place, to which Ranjha told them not to make him depressed as he was determined for a reunion with his beloved Heer. As time passed by, a new Jogi (Ranjha) was around to be seen by women of all ages, who gathered around him to discuss their problems. When Ranjha talked to them about Heer, the women told him about Heers sister in law, Saety. They told him that Saety, an intelligent and sharp woman was friends with Murad Baloch, whom she loved but could not marry and hence she was touchy about their failed affair. Listening to Saetys story, Ranjha was determined to approach things tactfully. Those who sympathised with Ranjha advised him that he should go to Akbari Takht, a place where he could get all what he wanted since he was courageous and not scared of pursuing his goals. Ranjha, as determined as he was, went from orchid to orchid until he reached a well where the women folk offered him shelter and cold water and started discussing their problems with him, being the Jogi. This was beginning of Jogism of Ranjha at a place where Heer also lived.

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