In this episode, Ranjha gives a serious thought and thinks about the ways and means that he would adopt for reunification with Heer. As days passed, Ranjhas longing for Heer intensified and he decided to become a Jogi, for which he goes to Tilla Joghian where renowned Gurus lived. At Tilla Jogian, Rankha pays his respect to the Gurus who narrates him the virtues, power and personality of a Jogi. Ranjha pleads the Guru to allow him to become his disciple and vouched to shun all sins and wrong doings and assured the Guru that he would bear all hardships that will come his way. Thereafter, Ranjha changes into the attire of a Jogi, wearing a Saffron dress, bangles, necklace and even got his ears pierced to change his physical appearance like that of a Jogi. Ranjha prepared himself to learn the virtues and practices of a Jogi and hence becomes a student of the Guru at Tilla Jogian.

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