Ranjha continued to be thronged with women and soon his popularity increased. Heer on the other hand, continued to request the girls to get him to her house but each time Ranjha refused to go with the girls. One day, amongst the women to came to Ranjha was Saety (Heers sister in law). She was arrogant and had altercations with Ranjha and both hurled accusations against one another. Ranjha kept his focus and continued to look for Heer. In doing so, he entered the courtyard of the Jutts upon which the woman of the house ridiculed him. Ranjha cursed her and thereafter she fell on the ground in fear. Knowing this, the villagers gathered, giving a big boost to Ranjha, who with his jogi powers managed to bring the woman back to her senses. Ranjha, as a Jogi, continued his mission until one day he entered the house of the Kheras.

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