This part shows how the Qazi approached Heer for the Nikah and she repeatedly refused. She reminds the Qazi that he was trying to circumvent the teachings of Islam and that he would face the wrath of God fot not following the injunction of Islam. Qazi is shown continuously persuading Heer for the Nikah and Heer refusing an rebuking the Qazi for forcing things on her. In his persuasion, the Qazi is shown using the religious, social and societal aspects to convince Heer, besides the fact that it was not only the wish of her parents but a matter of their prestige as well. Heer maintains that she had informed her parents clearly about her choice. At one point, the Qazi withdrew telling Heers parents that although he had failed to convince Heer for the NIkah, Yet somehow the Nikah had to happen. The Qazi was determined to do so. Arguments between both continue as do the celebrations outside for the marriage party.

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