Dejected yet determined Ranjha leaves home in search of Heer and spends the night at a Mosque where he entertains the villages as a flutist , much to the annoyance of the imam of the mosque. Ranjha and the mosques imam argue, finally to agree that Ranjha would leave the moaque at down (sunrise) the next morning. Ranjha does so and reaches the Chenab(river) where he comes across Ludhan the boatman Ludhan would not take Ranjha across the Chenab unless paid and Ranjha had no money. Ranjha was adamant not to leave and thus sat there tantalizing the locals including Ludhans two wives, with his talent to play flute observing the attraction of his wives towords Ranjha, Ludhan was convinced to take him across the river or he would have to forgo the loyalty of his wives towards him.

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