This part shows how Ranjha engages Nain-Mithi for facilitating his affair with Heer. Ranjha gives her a lot of money and suggests her to motivate Heers parents to marry Heer with Ranjha. Offering Mithi a large amount of money, Ranjha expects her to praise him in every way so that Heers parents are convinced for Heers marriage with Ranjha. The poetry in this part reveals the power of wealth and shows how money can do that which seems impossible. Mithi plays Ranjhas game. Ranjha askes mithi as to what she think about the game, to which she tells him about the consequences of affair with a woman. Mithi narrates women of every caste, creed and profession, rich and poor to tell Ranjha what affair with a woman is like. Mithi finally allows Ranjha and heer to slip into her house for their meetings. Ranjha and Heer start meeting in Mithis house and after some time, both of them become bold enough to have their affair openly in the grazing grounds, where Ranjha would play the flute while Heer would dance and sing with her friends making love overtures towards Ranjha.

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