With Ranjhas confidence in the continuation of his affair with Heer restored, the love between Heer and Ranjha blossomed until one day upon Heers returned, she found her mother, father and Qazi conferring on plans of her marriage. Heer has an exchange of argument with her mother and tells her that she whould only wed Ranjha. Her brother, Sultan steps in and warn Heer of the consequences of Heers desire but Heer remains stronge and repays her brother in the same coin. She also tells the Qazi that she dis not believe in his sermons. Qazi then gave it up as a bad job and decided not to be a part of the affair. Heer called her friend and sent her to Ranjha to narrate the whole accident to him. Ranjha became very sad and then did what he was best at, I.e. played the flute.He remembered the Panjpeers (5 Saints) who sympathized with him and assured him that everything would be fine. This part narrates the beauty of Ranjhas talent of paying the flute; his various Surs and Raags that he sang, the way he countinue to entertain the Panpeers who then asked Ranjha about his wish, which was to be blessed with Heer. This part also reveals the piower of monjey and wealth what it can do. This is one Ranjha decided to ask for Heers hand through Nain - Mithay (Marriage proposer). Ranjha gave her a lot of money and made her happy, ensuring that Nain would praise Ranjha infront of Heers families and convince them to marry Heer to him. Nain - Mithay agrees to play the game.

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