This episode shows how Heer started to communicate with Ranjha, at first by sending a message to him through a woman from Sial, who had come to meet her. In her message to Ranjha, Heer pleads to him to rescue her and tells him that she would die otherwise. She pleads about her love to Ranjha and suggests to him to become a Jogi and meet her at the Kheras. The message from Heer was delivered to Ranjha through Heers friend, to whom Ranjha complained that despite being a Kaama at Heers house (cows care taker) for so long, Chuchak (Heers father) married her elsewhere. Thereafter, messages and letters between Heer and Ranjha are exchanged in succession. Heer was pleading Ranjha to rescue her from the Kheras while Ranjha too was sad and spending days in seclusion. As time passed, Heers continuous and persistent pleading to Ranjha rekindled his feelings for Heer and he also started longing for her. Heer assured Ranjha that no man had touched her and that she was still pure, only for Ranjha. Ranjha responded with greater fervour and started thinking seriously on how to achieve a re-union with Heer.

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