In this part, Heer is shown in the house of the Kheras and every one is happy and rejoicing. Saety, Heers sister in law is sympathetic towards Heer, who only thinks of Ranjha and the days she spent with him. Saety tries to talk Heer out of her thoughts and tells her about the good days that would come at the Kheras. Heers uneasiness and refusal to cooperate with her husband is sensed by the family and thus the elders decide not to send her to Sial. Heer becomes sad and prays to God. Thereafter, the Panjpeer appear and Heer tells them about her situation and that she is longing for Ranjha, whom she vowed to stand with God as witness. The Panjpeer hear the painful journey of Heer as she narrates to them her 12 months ordeal. Heer narrates the events of Sawan, Bhadon, Assu. Katey. Maghar, Poh, Maag, Phagan, Chaetar, Visakh, Jaeth and Haar. In each of these, the poet narrates the state of Heer and her feelings. The poetry in this part reflect the effect of the weather and Heers circumstances have had on her mind.

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