The Village Women reported the increase of Heer and Ranjhas affair to Kaedo who took up the matter with Heers parents. Heer was called and confronted and there was a severe argument between Heer and her mother. Thereafter, Heer and her friends decided to teach Kaedo a lesson. They beat him up and taught him a lesson of his life. Kaedo decided to go to the Qazi and told him what had happened. He also threatened Chuchak, (Heers father) who ignored him and denied his accusations. Kaedo then made a complaint to the Sarpanch (Head of the Village reonciliation Committee) who called the girls. The girls again accused Kaedo for his indecent behavior and gestures and thus the Sarpanch dismissed Kaedos allegations but also scolded the girls. Kaedo decided to take his revenge another day. After a few days, Kaedo incidentally found Heer and Ranjha at the river side and reported to the Sarpanch again. He also called Chuchak (Heers father) to see for himself who decided to go there and finally found Heer and Ranjha together.

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