This episode reveals the challenges faced by Ranjha who during his father’s lifetime lived a pampaered life.The story of Heer and Ranjha starts here.Ranjha’s villege ,’Thakht Hazaara and its beauty is explained herein. ‘Mojhu is Teedo Ranjha’s father and the head (Nambardar ) of the villege. He had 8 sons but Ranjha was loved most by him, because of which Ranjha also attracted the most hatred of his brothers. After Ranjha’s father death ,his brothers and their wies turned against him.he was given a barren piece of land to till and ridiculed every dey.Challenged to get the most beautiful Heer as his wife , Ranjha heads for sial ,the villege across the Chenab in search of the beautiful Heer.

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