The affair of Heer and Ranjha had become the talk of Sial village .Women of the village would come and persuade Maliki (Heers mother) to do something about the affair. Thereafter, Maliki conferred with chuchak (Heers father) and decided to terminate Ranjha from the jop of a Kaama (caretaker of the animals) and also restrict Heer to the boundries of home. Thereafter, buffalos were taken to the grazing grounds in the haphazard manner, thus endangering the animals. As time passed, sympathy for Ranjha arose amongst the people. This manipulated Maliki to confide in her, chuchak and discuss the problems of animals. Both agreed that it was in their interest to bring Ranjha back as a Kaama. Maliki therefore approached Ranjha and persuaded him to come back to his job. Maliki also promised Ranjha his continued closeness and affection towards Heer.

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