The arguments between Qazi and Heer continue and Qazi tries to convince her to accept the wishes of her parents and agree to the Nikah with Kheras who were already at Sail to wed Heer. Qazi in his persuasion quotes the sayings of God and his Prophets, the sacrifices of Hassan and Hussain, Hazrat Noah, Hazrat Yaqoob and Hazrat Yousaf.He also gave examples of Hazrat Suleman, Nosherwan and the fate of shireen ferhad, Sassi-Punno, Laila - Majnu, Sohni - Mahiwal and Mirza - Sahiba and even that her brother sultan would do her harm. Heer remained adamant and the argument continues, both Qazi and Heer rebuking the other. Qazi then gives it up and asks chuchak to alternatively get seven witnesses. Heer remains firm and rebukes the qazi, telling him that she would not accede to nikah except with Ranjha. The witnesses are arranged and Nikah would be held irrespective of weather Heer agrees or not.

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