Love for folk music and particularly Sufiana Kalam has been in the genes of all Punjabis. The land of five rivers has produced Sufi Saints who spread Islam through their Sufiana Kalam.

It is through their love that Avicenna Cultural Society decided to make a humble contribution towards what Punjabis find most tantalizing and entertaining- the Sufiana Kalam,the works of the Sufi Saints. It is unfortunate to note that the works of the Sufis were not available in their complete and in some cases their true form. The society sought to correct both shortfalls and hence its efforts are focused on getting the authentic version and presenting it in full. In doing so the society has undertaken to get the complete version and where necessary get it recited from appropriate singers. Works already available in a presentable form have been placed ‘as is ’. The purpose of this website also is to make the Sufiana Kalam easy to understand. Audio and Video versions are presented. Audience may hear it on a suitable device or enjoy the audio-video version. The audio-video version is supported by sub-titles to facilitate the present day youth to understand Punjabi at its best. Avicenna Cultural Society intends to improve upon its presentation periodically. It also intends to expand its services to other field of Sufi works and folk music. The website shall InshaAllah one day become a preferred location for lovers of folk music and Sufi poetry.

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